SLN Group is an expert in specialty fertilizers, soil conditioners, micronutrients and other exceptional plant nutrition products. We are committed to support our farmers ,dealers and everyone associated with us in this process. Being an ISO 9001 : 2008 enterprise SLN group combines vision and leadership, technology and innovation, all while striving to create cutting-edge solutions for tomorrow’s challenges of agriculture industry. Our core business of fertilizer manufacturing is very closely connected with agricultural productivity and food production. The role of fertilizers in food production is usually underestimated. Fertilizers are food for plants.


We must use fertilizer to:

  • Provide nutrients not available in the soil.
  • Replace nutrients removed at harvest.
  • Balance nutrients for better produce quality and higher yield.

Our Mission

To empower farmers and everyone one associated in the supply chain as entrepreneurs and achieve our Mission.


Our Vision

To provide solutions to farmers to improve their yield and educate them on sustainable agricultural practises. We do this through integrative research, education, communication, and early action on pressing issues of farmers offering advisory capacities to farmers and breeders through the full support of our agronomic sales team.


Akalwadi group has had experience for over four decades managing business of liquor, Construction, Real estate, Escorts Tractor Distributors for Karnataka State and other businesses. The promoters of the firm are Vinayak Akalwadi, and Neelkant Akalwadi.   Due to our extensive focus on Research and Development there is a state of the art Analytical Laboratory equipped with the latest instruments to support all our technical formulations.



Vinayak Akalwadi
Neelkant Akalwadi
Naveen Akalwadi
Sachin Akalwadi
Kedar Akalwadi


SLN Biotech is 9001:2008 and 22000:2005 certified company. We are recognized as highest maintenance and quality production industry.