Analysis of Soil Samples

pH, EC, N, OC , P, K, S, Ca, Mg , Na, Zn, Cu, Fe, Mn, B

1Soil TextureHydrometer Method
2Soil StructureSand, Silt or Clay Fraction
3Cation Exchange CapacityCEC
4Soil MoistureGravimetric Method
5Water Holding CapacityVeihmeyer and Hendrickson Method
7Electrical Conductivity 
8Organic CarbonWalkley and Black, 1934
9Available And Total NKjeldahl Method
10Available And Total PBray’s Method for Acidic Soil And Olsen’s Method for Basic Soil
11Available And Total KFlame Photometer (Toth and Prince, 1949
12Available SPrecipitation Method
13CalciumEDTA Titration Method
14MagnesiumEDTA Titration Method
15BoronAzomethine-H Colorimetric Method
16Micronutrients – available Zn, Cu, Fe, and Mn.Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy